Sunday, May 27, 2007

Creating Buzz Tip #3: Ask Questions

People remember and talk about people they respect. To earn their respect demonstrate yours (respect) for them. In business, people like to acknowledged for their skills and expertise, and they definitely remember the people that have turned to them for advise.

Every day you are faced with choices -- in the process of deciding which choice to make you sometimes need another opinion. Typically you turn to people inside your firm. Why not call one of the ‘buzz leaders’ in your targeted community and ask them? That one call accomplishes two important things:

  • You demonstrate your respect for the person you called and,
  • You will be warmly remembered for acknowledging their acumen
Make enough calls over time and there is a lot of warmth and good will floating around with your name attached. Creating personal buzz does not have to be a giant production that consumes your life -- just a bunch of little steps that demonstrate how you are different and worth knowing.

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