Thursday, June 28, 2007

Should a Law Firm Have a Trade Show Booth for Sponsored Events?

My quick answer is, "No!" -- it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Whom will staff the booth? A marketing person? He/she can't discuss legal issues, so what value does that serve? A lawyer? He/she bills at some large rate. Standing around waiting for someone to talk with on the lottery sized chance of an opportunity is incredibly unproductive.

Maybe you believe it's a great place to stack literature for attendees to grab. After thousands of events I have yet to witness viable prospects loading up on literature or gotten any feedback that a brochure or cool flatscreen dispay created a need. Most event attendees are looking for ways to get rid of what they are already carrying.

But, you might say, having that big booth up adds to your "presence". There are so many ways to enhance your visibility that do not cost $30K-$60K plus staff plus time and wasted space.

Manage your sponsorship benefits properly and a booth is a useless nuisance.

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