Saturday, August 11, 2007

For the Record -- Not Every Law Firm Networking Event is a Home Run

The other night we co-sponsored one night in a series of wildly successful, invitation only networking dinners with another professional services firm. The track record of quality and connections is undisputed.

Maybe it was the August vacation blues, or the coincidence of a bad night for many at once -- for whatever reason the attendance was low and that one night didn't have the zest of so many before.

The point is that not everything turns out perfect, even when I believe it will. Our (my) first reaction might be to tinker with the formula fearful of a repeat at the next dinner. Instead, I am encouraging myself to leave it alone. It's not broken, it merely burped.... The next one is just around the corner in September (a much better event month), and "one" is not a trend. It is just one.

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