Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Law Firm Holiday Card Saga

Yup, I am actually posting a story about Holiday/Christmas cards... but not one about what to do or the politics of selecting a design. This is more about a great idea that, so far, isn't reaching an audience.

Since joining this firm a few years ago I've commissioned a local artist to create an original painting which served as the cover design for our cards -- a perfect solution for creating a unique message. This year we decided to find our artist from among the children of the firm and launched a card design contest including a cash prize for the winning design. Unfortunately, no designs are forthcoming.... The deadline is two days away.

Hey! I LIKE this idea! The unfortunate truth is not every great idea works the way we want it to. For whatever reason the children of the firm are not inspired to participate.

Fortunately, we will not be without a card this year. Just in case we did locate a professional artist who is ready to set brush to canvas as a backup plan ... just in case.

So a little drama, a solvable challenge, and a marketing puzzle to solve. The puzzle? What about our campaign for child-drawn entries. What didn't work? Why didn't our audience (firm parents) connect to the opportunity?

Looks like this marketing saga needs answers.... More to follow.

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