Sunday, December 09, 2007

Marketing Catalyst Departs from Rutan & Tucker

It has been said by so many that the statement has become cliché -- "follow your passion and you will find what you love to do". For me that passion is marketing professional services. Even more than that my passion is for starting from scratch and creating huge impact as quickly as possible.

My big news is that I have resigned my position as CMO. Rutan & Tucker is an awesome law firm that allowed me to do what I love, and, mission accomplished. We (the firm and I) are quite happy with what we accomplished together.

In the first six months we orchestrated a complete re-brand and laid a foundation for enormous cultural change within the firm. Then, over the next few years the firm assumed their role as a leading law firm in all things by stepping up to implement innovative business development programs, aggressive public relations, creative ad campaigns and a continuing willingness to explore what might be possible.

As I said, mission accomplished. Now, it is time for me to look for my next challenge. While I am reluctant to leave behind a steady job with a great firm I must honor my passion -- I am a builder, not a maintainer.

If you are looking for change and innovation and are ready to step up to success -- I am available.

Are you ready for remarkable change?

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