Thursday, December 27, 2007

Skiing and Business Development -- No Matter Your Skill Level You Can Have Fun!

I went skiing today at Bear Mountain with a great friend who would be classified (according to my PSIA training) as a beginning level skier (I had traveled to the mountain as a board member of the adaptive ski school to take care of some school business) -- so why not throw on a pair of sticks and have a little fun! We skied together for about four hours before beating a retreat back to Orange County ahead of the anticipated end-of-day skier rush hour.

There is something wonderful about skiing that I have always observed and appreciated -- no matter the skill of the skier a great time is always experienced. Isn't this wonderful? A beginning skier remembering their challenge on an intermediate slope is as accelerating as an expert skier recalling a dive over a double-diamond cornice.

This is where business development and skiing make a crossover. Never are any two lawyers (or professional service partner) at the same level of business development expertise on any day. On one day a lawyer is challenged to say hello at a cocktail party while another is trying to extend their A+ network to one more introduction. Each experiences an equally tough challenge, and each feels an incredible rush when they succeed.

You do not have to be the best to succeed. You only need to be willing to take one more step.

My friend tackled a tremendous slope today that was outside of her comfort zone. Actually, it was incredibly intimidating for her -- and she conquered it in her own fashion. Tonight I imagine she is talking with friends and relating how the experience was huge and fun for her.

You do not need to be the very best at everything to succeed, nor do you have to be the best at everything to have fun. Just have fun with what you are comfortable to do and that fun will lead you to new levels of capability.

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