Sunday, December 30, 2007

Say Hello to Marketing Catalyst, LLC

After looking at several CMO offers at new firms I realize that my reluctance to accept is not based on the nature of the offers, but the lack of personal potential.

I have been blessed with a great run of success leading professional services firms to new thinking in how they approach their markets. At every firm I felt grateful and empowered by individual partners who sought my guidance, agreed to learn and helped my programs work to their own success.

I have determined that I want more of the best of what I accomplished, and the best way to realize it is to launch a business where the success of individuals (lawyers and accounts) is my primary focus.

Say hello to Marketing Catalyst, LLC.

Over the next several weeks, or months, I will be writing about putting my business together. I imagine it will include all the marketing stuff that goes on plus the adventure of recruiting additional professionals to join me and issues faced by clients that will always remain anonymous.

My first pitch: If you are (or know of) a law or accounting firm partner that is challenged to move their practice forward and lacks the professional network or skills to create one -- send me an email. I am ready to help them create their own success.

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