Saturday, January 26, 2008

Great PR Comes From Great PR Professionals

It is no secret that getting your name in print is foundational in marketing your firm or practice. Unfortunately too many people believe that whipping out a press release and faxing or emailing it to reporters and editors is all it takes. If that was all it takes, how is it that some names appear so much more often than others -- and I've heard from so many stating their releases never get printed.

Here is how great PR really happens: Hire a PR professional -- period.

When I was at Rutan & Tucker we had Dan Pittman (Pittman & Associates) on retainer. Dan put the Rutan name in print so often not a week passed that the firm was named in a media outlet. I can actually only recall one time that we pushed out a release that was not picked up by media.

What a PR professional like Dan delivers is relationships with editors and reporters, an experienced understanding of what gets printed, and the time it takes to follow-up on everything sent to media. What he delivers, in spades, is your name in print.

Always, always hire a good, professional PR person like Dan to handle your media desires. The investment is worth every penny!

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