Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Creating Personal Buzz in the Business Community

I spoke to a packed room of great executives this morning at the Orange County chapter meeting of ExecuNet. The topic was "Creating Personal Buzz" and I would love to share all that I spoke of this morning. . . but then that would not be fair to the people that paid to hear me ramble. I do hope they got more than just rambling and it was fun to talk about something I am passionate about.

This afternoon, after I'd been mulling over my presentation for a few hours it did occur to me that my talk had a greater theme than just steps to create buzz (or personal brand), something I hope the audience got even as I did not articulate it exactly.

What I missed saying out loud was the foundation of anyone with a prominent personal brand -- their seemly innate ability to project quality of self, their unwillingness to be associated with anything less than the best, and the confidence they project beyond themselves.

Now that's not so hard is it (he states sideways)? In truth it is the most easy thing to do, but it might take some time for it to become easy.

I know a lot of people that follow most of the steps I outlined this morning for creating personal buzz yet very few of them stand out in the bigger picture. I think it's because they don't yet believe in themselves. And that is the difference. Self.

I would encourage anyone trying to stand out in a crowd to first look at how they feel about themselves, make that whole, and then just go out and confidently be you. Your brand will be rewarded exponentially.

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