Sunday, March 30, 2008

Activities for Bonding with Clients and Prospects

I am constantly looking for things to do with business contacts that will bring us closer together. Here is my current list of activities that have been successful.
  • Lunch at a nice restaurant
  • Dinner (with spouses included)
  • Golf
  • Sporting event (with spouses included)
  • Theater (with spouses included)
  • Fishing
  • Paintball (with family included)
  • Miniature golf (with spouses included)
  • Skiing (with family included)
  • Museum opening (with spouses included)
  • Day at the beach (with family included)
  • Hiking or cycling (with spouses included)
The list could be so much longer but what I'd like you to see is that "spouses and/or family included" is a HUGE part of creating lasting relationships. If you recognize the importance of family connections you will have make a tremendous leap in your career.

People bond to individuals that care about what matters, to them. Family is always the most of it. Be inclusive and you will gain in business and in life.

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