Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bruce Allen Speaking at Harvard Business School Association of Orange County Breakfast

I am scheduled to talk at the Management Networking Breakfast of the Harvard Business School Association of Orange County (HBSAOC) on April 16 at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach, CA. My topic is (quoted from announcement):

"Driving Success in a Down Economy ~ Marketing Strategies for Business Professionals: If you have been waiting for a golden moment to pounce and grow your business or practice – this is it! In the Southern California circle of hyper-successful professionals and executives almost all got their big break in an economic down-cycle. Now it's your turn! Acclaimed marketer Bruce Allen will be discussing the marketing strategies and tactics that will get you noticed and keep you ahead of your competition – things you can do right now to make a difference and planning for what's next." (here is the link to the announcement)

I would selfishly recommend that you book your tickets now, get to SoCal for a little sunshine on the 16th, and hopefully a bit of entertaining education for breakfast. Surf's up!!

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