Sunday, March 02, 2008

Could You Become Unassailable?

Yesterday Mark Martin made a judgement error -- he crashed two drivers (one driver his own teammate) in the final laps of the Nationwide race in Las Vegas to ultimately win the race. If it had been any other driver the controversy would have been horrific! But, Mark Martin is known to be the most gentlemanly, polite driver on the NASCAR circuit. His fair-play reputation is unassailable.

He TAKES OUT two potential race winners and everyone rushes to defend him. Nice!

What do you need to do to garner that kind of support? How could you conduct yourself such that everyone believes only the best of you ever? Here are my thoughts:
  • Never compete with vengeance. No one set out to beat you personally -- they simply set out to win, just like you. It is our nature to seek victory.
  • Know your place. Every victory is not yours, but you do have the opportunity to do your best. Take advantage of what is in your grasp and learn from it to accomplish even more.
  • Give more than you ask for. People respect anyone that is in service for others. Do your thing, take care of business, but never forget how much everyone else wants to succeed just like you. It is OK if they do succeed.
  • Learn humility. You do not deserve everything you wish for and yet, if you work for it it may come to you. Humility is knowing that you are not an assured winner -- just the winner today.
  • Every day is Race Day. If you desire to be known as the best then approach every day as THE test of whom you are.
  • Every day can be your day. Mark Martin's reputation is not a myth -- it's real. It is real because Mark Martin wakes up every day believing he can make an honest effort to always do the right thing (my supposition). Doing the right thing never ends badly.

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