Sunday, March 02, 2008

Some People Have Their Path Already Figured Out -- What They Need is a Wingman

Often, when working with partners whom are on task to find business I discover they have a really clear vision of what they need to do. But, reaching out and making the first move is not among their strongest business skills. I have been told so often, "Just get me in front of the prospect and I can close the deal!" What they are really saying is that the process of getting in front of a prospect is the uncomfortable, scary, "I'll do anything to avoid this", part for them.

I work with a lot of clients developing their book of business. Being a prospecting tool for all of them at once is just not possible and I am certain is not possible for you.

There is an answer that does not put you at everyone's beck and call every day, all day.

Find for them a wingman (or person -- to be politically correct). Whether we accept it or not, we operate best facing uncomfortable situations with someone else at our side. It is the herd mentality that is part of the DNA of all of us.

When you have professionals that need an extra amount of motivation to do what they need to do, find for them a cohort to join effort. The small measure of accountability and responsibility will reap volumes of action. The small measure of support will help your professionals face what they fear.

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