Monday, March 24, 2008

Flash and Bling on Your Website

Consider this Internet experience -- you surf to a URL and are greeted with a blank flash box and a "loading" message while some server in a distant land is pushing a Hollywood production toward your computer screen. Then suddenly all this stuff starts popping and flashing inside the box. Menu buttons appear, Pow -- pow, pow, pow! Pictures start floating, bling! Pow, pow, bling, pow! Color, action, camera! When it's over I am left with a Star War's dashboard and my head is reeling from the light show.

What a waste of my time!

A moonlighting web developer has put together a demo website for one of my new clients, the demo is like I just described. Besides being so totally not search engine friendly I have to wonder if they (my client) are actually professional services professionals (at least according to what their future website might imply).

Look, lets keep this simple. Your potential and existing clients are looking for the same Internet experience you seek -- feed me the information I am looking for as quickly as possible. If I want to be wowed I'll watch a movie.

Be wary of developers that are having too much fun with whistles and bells. While they flex their expertise your audience is losing sight of yours.

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