Monday, July 14, 2008

Create from Scratch or Build from Example

The great crutch of mediocre marketers is the habit of looking at what other people have created and building something "better" on top of what they produced. It is easy to do but almost never produces good results. It is a bad crutch.

The way I prefer to work is from scratch -- no looking at what other firms have done -- just create what feels right and appropriate. No doubt this path is the tougher of two but it is the most rewarding of both.

I am working with a firm that hired a web development firm to create their website. The developer's website is almost identical to the law firm I represent.... Can you imagine that both firms have an audience that needs to see and feel the same thing? One offers web development and the other legal services.

It has been my experience that the easy way is never the best path to extraordinary. If YOUR firm is truly different then I encourage you to step back, take a deep breath, and dive into creating your marketing from scratch.

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