Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Apple Rules!

Two weeks ago I returned to my computer roots.

My first computer was a Macintosh 512. Once purchased I was simply excited about something so miraculous -- no one in my family had any idea why I bought it, and yet only a few weeks later I had to beat them back from the keyboard to do my work (and play my games). My first version of PhotoShop required two disk drives and several disk swaps just to launch the program every time I used it -- and it was magical!

But being a corporate slog, slowly the PC reared it's ugly and user-unfriendly head until one day I no longer even had a Mac in my home.

Skip forward a whole bunch of years and I am funding capital equipment purchases for my own company. Both PC's and Mac's have come a long way. After researching like crazy and talking to IT directors from both sides of the operating system aisle, guess what I did?

You bet'cha. My firm went Apple (heavy, happy sigh). And the magic is still there. Just turn it on and it works! Network connections -- click, done. Install programs -- click, done. It's wonderful!

Some things have been an adjustment. Instead of using Microsoft Office I opted for OpenOffice, an open-source office software suite that plays quite nicely with Microsoft files. Also, there really is no equivalent to Outlook on Mac's, but I am learning to make do with Address Book (I switched to Gmail a long time ago so email was already solved).

Another little thing that can seem big sometimes is the one-button mouse (no left and right clicking). There are add-on mice that have two buttons but I've opted to stick with the original. It just takes time to get used to.

All-in-all I am again a thumbs up, tell you all about it Apple devotee... I better be since I've put money down on it.

If you have a choice I encourage you to take a look at Mac as the computing platform for your business or firm. It is quite . . . freeing!

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