Friday, November 21, 2008

Building Stronger Business Relationships on the Fly

I got a call from a good business friend early this evening. "Hey Bruce! Troy (Wyatt) and I (Jim Hunter) are hanging out at Gulf Stream. Get on down here!" So I did. And on the drive over I called a few other folks to join us -- it was early evening and I hoped others might like to stop by on their way home.

Once at Gulf Stream our little group of three grew by a few, and since the restaurant is well located in the heart of the Orange County scene we ran into even more friends and connections. By the time I left we'd had at least a dozen great people gathered at our table to meet and greet. It was a total business networking experience.

After spending just a few hours hanging out with friends I'd made several connections, and even came away with a new client. Is that awesome or what!

What I got from this experience is that most people are just like me -- waiting for any excuse to hang out and feel included. It is a great reminder to me that being connected does not have to be planned in length around a grand design. I simply have to be willing to show up.

I encourage you to do the same.

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