Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Warmth of Belonging in the Herd

I was sitting at the Panera Bread shop in Newport Beach this afternoon renewing a relationship with a business friend from a few years back when another friend from the same era happened along to say hello and restart that connection as well. Totally cool! It must have been the karma of the moment. Just like the other night at Gulf Stream that I wrote about.

I left feeling warm and connected to people I respect, and have missed. And, I walked away feeling secure within the herd.

For me there are two really good reasons for building a network of business relationships:
  1. Relationships create opportunity -- We need relationships to find referrals, to locate mentors, to learn and to grow. The more people we know the better we're connected to our own purpose.
  2. Relationships create safety -- Feeling like we belong and are part of something is often the difference between success and failure. As a herding species we revel in knowing we have a place among many.
Every time I connect with people in my network of relationships (old or new) I get my own little private hug. I can only speak for myself but feeling like I am part of the herd is HUGE for me.

So, do you belong or are you out there all alone?

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