Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Rise of Pod Networking

The idea of micro-networking groups has been around for a long time. At one time these micro-groups were referred to as "the good ole' boys". I have written about these private networks before (here and here and I am sure I've mentioned them in other posts) -- and they have evolved. This month the Orange County chapter (ACGOC) of the Association for Corporate Growth has launched a new initiative called A-Pod's.

The concept is simple. Enable the opportunity for 8-12 business development professionals to participate in an exclusive, small circle of trusted referral relationships that will meet regularly to trade leads and market intelligence.

Right now ACGOC has four Pod's already in operation and 100 people signed up to get started.

I like the title "Pod". It completely describes the family-like, codependent nature of these exclusive groups. And I like how the business community is embracing the concept. And mostly, I really enjoy how ACGOC has turned a once, behind closed door activity, into a publicized benefit for ACG members.

We all want to do business with our friends. It is so nice to know there is a business dating service out there to help us find the right friends. If you are in Orange County and need to find a better way to develop business and relationships I encourage you to get involved with ACGOC!

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