Monday, December 08, 2008

Music: A Fast Path to Being a Better Marketer

A common question to this blog: "Where do you find your inspiration to keep posting?" My answer is pretty simple. "I write about what I observe every day and I use music to bring out the words."

I believe music is a tool every marketer should use as often as possible. It is the universal language that gets us out of our head -- it connects us to our emotions, which is the perfect place for being creative. I jack into my iTunes collection every time I am creating new words or graphics.

Could there ever be a better way to create an appealing marketing message than listening to music for inspiration? Watch the road-trip sequence from the movie Elizabethtown and you will know what I am talking about. Going one step further, here are my suggestions for where you can use music to inspire the passion you wish for in everything you do as a great marketer:
  • Get your own theme song -- Mine right now is "Clocks" by Coldplay. I listen to it everytime I need to feel reinspired and joyful, and it is also my "walk-on" music when I speak from a podium.
  • Find a theme song for your firm --A song that speaks loudly to you about what you want your market to feel about your firm.
  • Create "marketing-mood" playlists -- I use iTunes but you can use whatever platform you're familiar with. I've created my own playlists of songs for "happy", "want to take a chance", "conservative", "ready to rock and roll", "trusting", and "get the heck out of my way" (for litigators). I have more... it's all about the mood I need to feel.
  • Use music to set a tone for meetings -- I take my MacBook with me to every meeting and will play a song as people are entering the room to help establish an opening mood.
  • Have music playing as a background wherever possible -- At a retreat, at a booth, inside a self-directed PowerPoint....
NOTHING speaks to us as clearly and loudly as music. If you desire to inspire or be inspired I encourage you to put music as number one on your list of go-to tactics.

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