Sunday, March 01, 2009

Promote or Fail

I have been on Blogger since 1999, an eternity in blogger years. Every night that I've logged in I have written my words and then checked in to see what are the latest "Blogs of Note". Over the years these blogs have included such incredible journeys as insights from Antarctica, images from Africa, tales from a rock tour, and the story of a cancer patient. Some of the noted blogs have completely moved me!

But "blogs of note" have also included completely insane choices. People buying a lottery ticket, travel guides to Venice, and people rambling on about the advantages of Linux, etc.

I have been writing for 10 years about professional services marketing and never received the honor of being a "Blog of Note"! It is really not a problem for me but... Alright, get out of my tiny little head and take a moment to peer inside your own....

How is it that everyone near you does not see how brilliant you are?! You are doing all of this wonderful work yet people are not falling down around you to engage your services!? What is THAT all about!? How is it that you can keep toiling away in your own excellence and no one seems to be calling?

I am not sure if you, my reader, can get this point, but I will try to make it none-the-less. "If I do good they will come." It is not NOT going to happen that way for you.

Here is the point. "Only if I promote it will they ever know."

I have never promoted my blog, never tried to reach out and be noticed, never done anything commercial, and my blog remains on the backwater. That is good enough for me, but for all of you that keep expecting to be noticed, just for doing good works... shame on you.

In an ultra-connected world there is no way for you to be noticed unless you pay attention to being noticed. If you do not promote you will NOT be known. If you do not spend any effort or money on promotion you WILL remain in the backwater and wondering why clients do not come calling.

I do not anticipate to be noticed anytime soon, as well I should not, but if you are hoping for attention without effort I hope you learn to be disappointed....

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