Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marketing from the Trenches #7 - Stop Talking About What You Do

When you meet with potential clients try and have an open, fun conversation.

Think back to when you where dating (or maybe you are now). On a first date did/do you talk about how well you date, your qualifications to be a great date, past dating successes or even offer references to prior dating accomplishments? I don't THINK so! Instead you talked and listened, exchanged ideas, dreams, hopes, experiences and got a feel for each other and looked for chemistry and connection.

When meeting with a potential client for the first time I can almost guarantee that person did their homework... has already read your bio on the internet and has an impression about you and your firm. Now, face-to-face, they want to get to know YOU.

So don't be a dork and hide behind prefabricated marketing pitches. If you want a second date go have a fun conversation. Ask about whom they are, talk about interests, family, work, goals, etc. Treat it like a date.

Finally, let your date (future client) decide what they need to know about you or your firm. Ask them, "What can I tell you about me?" Remember that how they arrive at trusting you is totally in their court, so give them the space to ask for what they need.

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