Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Marketing from the Trenches

Here is the premise; I am an individual partner within a firm that is told to go out and find business. I will have little support from partners on either side of me (because they are trying to survive too) and leadership is far to the rear behind stagnated supply lines creating orders based on old information and assumptions. WHAT can I do to survive?

This will be a series on what individual partners can do to survive the business development battle ahead AND succeed with little pain or sacrifice. This series will even offer some ideas on how to recruit other partners around you to be joined in your success. As the series grows I will link each article back to this index.

Marketing from the Trenches #1: Whom have you told that you need to succeed?
Some people we tell are obvious -- a few of our close peers at the firm, our spouse, a couple of friends maybe. But have you told ALL of your friends? Have you talked to your existing clients? Have you said, "I want to succeed" to everyone in your referral network? Is this some sort of State Secret you cannot share.

The first rule of Marketing from the Trenches is to let everyone know what you wish to accomplish. It is not greedy or egotistical -- it is simply the truth to your survival. You cannot imagine how many people you inform will completely identify with what you need to do and will jump at the chance to help!

Do this: Make a list of at least twenty people (clients, referral connections, friends, etc.) and make it your mission to tell them what you need to accomplish for your professional survival. Do not demand anything of them in return -- just state your goal and your desire to make it happen. Then ask politely for ideas (and be open to hearing what they offer). The answers you receive will amaze and gratify you.

Marketing from the Trenches Series
#2 - Go Party
#3 - Say Thank You as Often as Possible
#4 - Only You Can Move Your Practice Forward
#5 - Stop Saying "Yes" to No-Money Activities
#6 - Monetize Your Non-Billable Time
#7 - Stop Talking About What You Do
#8 - Internet or You Will Never Net (Profit)

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