Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is This Exciting or What!? The Wild West of Legal Marketing

I met me, twenty-five years ago, this evening in San Francisco -- a shout out to Ali, an incredible young marketing talent that gave me a chance to express why I love what I do...

I had an early dinner with some VC friends to talk shop and blah, blah, blah. Afterward I sought out the one cigar bar I heard was in the area to indulge my joy in a good stick and happened into a couple of great conversations, one of which renewed my joy for what I do.

Ali (remember the shout-out a few sentences ago) is a by-choice out-of-work marketing person looking for her next challenge and she was intrigued that my profession is marketing for a law firm. She reminded me the journey is more interesting than the destination. Her excitement about what I do reminded me of what I already know but may have forgotten for a moment:
  • Marketing a law firm is so custom and nontraditional to all things book-smart that every day has new excitement and lessons.
  • Marketing a law firm is still so new a profession we are all still discovering nuances at a 1000mph.
  • Lawyers and law firms are incredible, non-stop think-tanks that challenge me to be at the top of my game every moment, every day.
  • Law firms are first-class operations allowing me the opportunity to be in circles of influence most people dream of (even when I am not yet equal to the people and communities of the circle).
  • Lawyers and law firms absolutely demand creative thinking.
At the end of our conversation Ali was completely motivated to explore my profession, and more importantly I was inspired to keep doing what I've chosen. Out here in the wild west of law firm marketing I am pleased to ride the fences....

Is this exciting or WHAT!? You betcha!

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