Friday, September 18, 2009

Odds & Ends on Business Event Etiquette

UPDATE: 'Tis the holiday season -- family, tradition, joy. . . and business related celebrations -- too many to count. Right now is a great time to reinvigorate, renew and begin great relationships! I am reaching back into my archives this holiday season to bring back some of the most popular posts on event networking -- tips and ideas that will help you make the most of this December.

Odds & Ends on Business Event Etiquette
Here are some random tips I've picked up over the years on appropriate behaviors and courtesies when attending a business function:
  • Have your business card in an easy to reach location: If someone asks for a business card and you have to dig around your pockets or purse to find one what you are actually communicating is, "I didn't anticipate meeting anyone I'd want to know." Later when they look at the dog-eared card you finally produced they will be reminded again....
  • Keep your right hand out of your pocket and free of hors d'œuvres -- Shaking a clammy, sweaty or geasy hand is just no fun for the other person.
  • When talking with someone look them in the eye: It is rather unsettling to talk to a person when their eyes are darting back and forth and not focusing on you.
  • When talking with someone use his/her name in your conversation: People like to hear their own name! It is familiar, comforting and a signal that you really care about talking to him/her.
  • Use small words and speak slowly: Especially if the event is large and there is a lot of background noise. Amazingly , people like to hear and understand what someone is saying to them.
  • Smile and be optimistic: The perky optimist is always the most popular person in the room. "Life is good, opportunity abounds and the best is yet to come" -- spread it like butter at every event you attend.
  • Always thank the host(s): This simple yet widely overlooked courtesy will guarantee a return invitation and favored treatment.
Proper business etiquette is more than just knowing which fork to use or water glass to drink from. These were just a few, random ways to conduct myself at a business event that I hope you honor when you are at yours.

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