Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Current Tech I Use as a Legal Marketer

A reader asked, "What tech do I carry and use daily":

PC laptop (could probably do just fine with netbook here)
  • Outlook
  • Firefox
  • MS Office
  • InterAction CRM
Personal MacBook (13") loaded with:
  • Photoshop - DUH!
  • Tweetdeck - Gotta keep up with the real-time news
  • Hulu Desktop - I don't watch regular TV and get my fix here
  • NeoOffice - free, as good as MS Office, compatible, nuff said
  • KeePassX - so many passwords need a safe garage
  • Chrome - quick, clean, glad Google finally ported their browser to OSX
iMac (27" home desktop with dual monitor) loaded with EVERYTHING!

Blackberry Storm
  • Synced to firm email/calendar/contacts
  • Gmail - another DUH!
  • Opera Mini - Much more functional that BB browser
  • Ubertwitter - Fast and cleaner Twitter client
  • Facebook - Gotta keep in touch with m peeps
  • Google Voice - One number to rule them all
  • Google Maps - but of course!
  • Viigo - Newsreader
Online data storage and real-time sync to all of my computers via Dropbox

I route all of my personal email into Gmail, firm mail remains isolated via firm service on PC and Blackberry

All phone calls and voice mail including office line are fed to Google Voice (one number for life!)

At some point in every day I touch everything on the list above. I still carry my Moleskin notebook and keep old-school notes, but technology has really amped up (in a GREAT way) how I get things done.

I am certain that within days my tech will evolve to new tools... Call me an early adopter but THAT is so cool! I can hardly wait!!

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