Friday, January 06, 2006

A Look Inside the Branding of a Law Firm

The Southern California chapter of the LMA has recruited me to speak at their next luncheon January 18th. I think the last minute recruitment means more that they had a cancellation and not that I am at the top of their "gotta hear" list... But I'm going to have a hoot anyway!

The topic? Branding of course, since that is exactly what my life is all caught up in at the moment. I will walk the audience through how I arrived at the brand I am about to launch for my firm; The treat is they will get a peek at what has yet to be revealed to the public. Of course I realize that many in the audience are also my competitors. The "peek", hopefully, will be just enough to send them screaming into the hills to plan their surrender.

If you are anywhere near SoCal on the 18th I encourage you to stop by and watch the show. Like I said, it will be a HOOT!

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