Thursday, January 05, 2006

Marketing vs. Sales... (Again)

The Wired GC is one smart person, AND this person lives in the Midwest (I'm originally from Minnesota. GO GOLDEN GOPHERS!)... But the Wired GC has illustrated a common misconception in professional services. Marketing is not sales, and sales is not marketing. Each is separate and plays a different role in sustaining or moving the goals of a firm.

In his/her article (here) the Wired GC points at the poor advertising choices by law firms to raise a point about how excellent sales tactics are really the answer.

I agree that excellence in client contact and sales tactics are necessary for success. But, good selling tactics is not marketing. Sales is direct actions taken in the presence of clients and prospects that close the door on the start or continuation of a relationship. Marketing is about creating feelings that make a relationship feel plausible.

If advertisements go unnoticed or are simply silly, sales tactics will not correct most bad marketing situations. Better marketing is the fix. Some marketing programs ARE noticed. Some marketing programs DO get results that are reflected directly to the bottom line of sales.

I absolutely agree with the wonderful sales tactics suggested by the Wired GC. But if you are a marketer for a law firm and you want better marketing results; Be a better marketer.
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