Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Paging System for Law Firms

Someone needs to create a silent paging system for law firms (or maybe it already exists and I haven't found it yet). Something that effectively replaces a receptionist voice blaring overhead calling for the attention of a wondering attorney; "John Doe. Please call extension 6500. John Doe. Please call extension 6500."

Hospitals use vibrating personal pagers on the hip of all personnel. Some companies require employees to have their cell phone in hand at all times. Maintenance crews use radios. But law firms are still using overhead speaker systems.

The ideal law firm system would be a small, wireless device with a screen just big enough to flash a name and number in 24pt-36pt font, and as inexpensive as a personal pager. The system would also include a second, larger screen device for mounting in strategically selected public spaces of the firm office. Both the large and small version would need a bright light of some sort that would flash for attention without being annoying.

Of course, people would need to adapt to the system, but certainly it's better that overhead speakers and receptionists having to shout into their headsets.

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