Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My New Year's List of Gotta Do's

This year, 2006, in business, these are my goals:
  1. To reach December 31, 2006 as CMO at this firm. Actually my goal is several more years... But one at a time seems sensible.
  2. To continue as a blawger.
  3. To get reconnected to the business network in my region. Taking almost a year off does come with consequences.
  4. To launch the new brand of my firm by February 1. Is there anything more terrifying than project creep?
  5. To continue to "walk the floors" seeking face-to-face conversations whenever possible with the people at my firm.
  6. To meet the budget I've proposed and demonstrate an undeniable ROI.
  7. To never believe I know enough.
  8. To continually acknowledge the great work of the people I work with. There is nothing more gratifying than working with exciting, smart, committed people.

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