Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Real or Memorex?

Today I heard about an interview with a marketing consultant that discussed building business relationships. It was a good interview, BUT, it nags at me that I have heard some of what was said somewhere else... HERE as a matter of fact! I am not going to name names or link to the interview, BUT, I am going to say I am unhappy to see someone else take credit for my words. In particular:
  • "The "give to get" attitude in professional services and why you need to develop it." I spoke on this exact concept at several events including the LMA, AeA, the Corporate Investment Conference, and CalCPA.
  • "Learning how to apply the lessons of romance, dating and marriage to your practice development efforts." Discussed by me here, here, and here.
Maybe I am just being lame... These concepts seem so obvious to me it would be incredible if others have not thought it as well, but the words are so close to exactly how I've stated I have to wonder.... The person being discussed here has demonstrated a wonderful marketing intellect in volumes of published materials so I hope that this is simply a good example of "great minds think alike."

Graphic Artists are Crazy

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