Monday, January 07, 2008

Creating a Brand to Match a Person and an Entity

Now that I am launching Marketing Catalyst as a business I find myself in the brand creation process again. In this case though the brand has to match me exactly while communicating a strong message about a solid business entity (vs. a group of individuals within a larger firm).

Just like any brand project I have started by identifying and writing down everything I can say about myself or my firm that speaks to my/our strengths. At first it was a long list and I am in the process of narrowing the list to less than 10 bullets. These final statements will become the "unique selling points" around which will be built the Marketing Catalyst brand.

I'd like to be able to share them with you right now but alas the last several days have found me tending to family matters.

My Mother passed away as she slept on December 30 after a long battle with deteriorating health. She was 75. It was something that all of my family was prepared for and yet remains a struggle in the end. We gathered in Denver last week to handle arrangements and do the things a family does at these times. I pray my Mother has a final peace.

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