Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Creating a Personal Brand Statement

I am the featured speaker at a meeting of the Orange County chapter of ExecuNet in a few weeks. It is the first time I am publicly coming out of the blocks as the principal of Marketing Catalyst, LLC. -- what I say about me is incredibly important as it will be the first public statement that defines our brand. Here is what I wrote:

About the Speaker
Speaking to executive audiences across the country, Bruce Allen is an evangelist of innovation in relationship and business development. His presentations are highly motivational, information-rich and always entertaining. As a marketing executive and mentor/coach Bruce has helped companies, firms, executives, and attorneys to take control of their goals and opportunities.

As a Chief Marketing Officer, marketing leader at international firms including Deloitte & Touche and Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison and board member for high-growth professional services companies Bruce has proven his ability to create market presence by uncovering and communicating the strengths that already existed in the culture and individuals of the firms he served. Recently Bruce founded Marketing Catalyst LLC, a coaching and mentoring partnership to help attorneys in the challenge to grow their practice and develop the personal marketing skills that will define their success. Bruce is also the author of the top-ranked, on-line journal MarketingCatalyst.

What is weird about this experience is that I am writing about me -- not about an illusionary vision of a collective of attorneys. How can I say good things, hit the truth of whom I am, and not overstate anything about my firm.

This is really hard stuff!

So, I look to you, anyone reading this post, to let me know if I am on-target. Expressing a brand is a very personal business, and a very public one. It is always the public opinion that matters most.

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