Thursday, July 17, 2008

How Often Do You Remind Your Network that New Business is Desired

When you attend a networking event are you asking for help?

This is how networking at a business event works:
  • Go to event and talk with people you know and do not know
  • In every conversation, as needed, tell the other person what you do
  • Always ask what you might do to help them if the connection seems appropriate
  • End every conversation (when appropriate) by telling the person you are talking to what kind of clients you are looking for and asking that he/she keeps you in mind
Note: "When appropriate" is meeting someone that you feel a business chemistry with, is dealing with people and companies that match your target client and feels to be solid a professional.

I have been to too many events, just like the one I attended this evening, where I listen to a lot of people engaged in conversation and very few actually working the event and attempting to make real, productive, business development connections.

It just seems like such a waste of time if we're taking this time away from our family, friends, and lifestyle if we're not going to actually work an event toward a productive ending . . . .

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