Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Marketing Lawyers & Accountants is Much Like Offering a Dating Service

Have you visited or similar site? When you sign up the site will ask you a bunch of questions about whom you are and what you are looking for in a relationship. Next, Match will offer you profiles of people they think fit your needs. Then, you sort through their suggestions in hope of finding some measure of initial trust, chemistry and attraction.

Kind of like looking for a lawyer or accountant -- yes?

Here is a truth; A company does not select a firm. Instead, a person (company executive) is selecting a lawyer or accountant with whom they feel initial trust, chemistry and professional attraction.

So what does this mean? Oddly, I have an answer to the question I pose....
  • Stop being stuffy and traditional with bio's, photos and stories on your (dating service) web site. Help your professionals stand out as individuals and personalities.
  • Promote your firm less -- promote your people more. Unless you are in the branding stratosphere with Nike or Coke individuals will not connect with your grand statements and firm fluff.
  • Stop using stock art in any graphic project (web or printed). Start using images of your "personalities".
  • Allow potential clients to meet more than one professional. The person that brings in the lead may not be the one that can win the relationship.
  • Know when to say no. Without initial trust, chemistry and professional attraction there is no good reason to keep going further.
If you approach your marketing efforts as a dating service you will realize incredible results! Be a matchmaker and your firm will grow....

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