Monday, March 23, 2009

Marketing from the Trenches #4 - Only You Can Move Your Practice Forward

Firms teach one false lesson that works well when you are an associate or senior manager, but becomes the complete opposite when you make partner.

In order to make partner you probably got really good at the politics it requires to be a popular resource. But now that you're a partner... no more easy work.

When you make partner no one will be handing you any more business to fill your billable day. You will be expected to bring business in and fill your own calendar, and even provide work for junior professionals.

Only you can move your practice forward.

If I could ingrain one thought in this series it would be this -- Your future is up to you! Marketing can be accomplished by a team but every practice needs a leader. If it is your practice then you need to step up and be that leader. If you do not take your future serious why should I?

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