Monday, June 15, 2009

Lawyers Need to Be on Linkedin!

Are you on Linkedin? For myself and many of the professionals in my circle this is an odd question -- of course I am there! It's the new, new white pages for professionals! But, still too often I have marketing conversations with lawyers around the topic of being listed on Linkedin and their response is, "I get email invites but I just push them to the trash bucket. I don't want to hassle with all that stuff."


OK, I kind of understand. Five years ago I was in the same place -- all these random emails coming in to connect with someone via Linkedin or similar site. It seemed like it WOULD become intrusive. Yet the opposite happened. It turned out that everyone is totally turning to the Internet to find out anything about whatever whenever.

No one opens a phone book first. We all jump on our computer and Goggle (or Bing for you Microsoft fans). Me, if I am looking for a person -- I surf to Linkedin first. If that person is not on Linkedin I have just learned a lot by finding nothing.

My advise to any lawyer not on Linkedin, get on or get lost (as in "invisible").

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