Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Driving Success in a Down Economy - Marketing Strategies for Business Professionals

This morning I gave a talk for the Harvard Business School Association . The topic was, "Driving Success in a Down Economy - Marketing Strategies for Business Professionals". Over the next several days I will be writing about the tactics I presented. As a lead-in here is the outline of what I discussed (as I post the articles I will link them back to this outline):
  1. Don’t Follow The Herd
  2. Don’t Spend Less, Spend Different
  3. Start Dating Your Clients All Over Again
  4. Make Your Brand Look In The Mirror
  5. Feed Your Clients Sunday Dinner
  6. Snackification
  7. Peer Into Your Future
  8. Feed Your Troops
  9. Put Relaxation In Your Daily Plan
  10. Shrink Your Menu and Promote Your Signature Dish
Some of the outline might already appear self-explanatory to you while other parts will have you scratching your head. As a teaser take a look at this post from 2006 -- it plays a part in the first bullet-point.

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